Electrical Instrumentation

PPM Electrical Instrumentation Team

Our precision electrical instrumentation team carries out maintenance on equipment in water and wastewater treatment plants, water distribution systems and wastewater collection systems. Routine maintenance and servicing of instrumentation equipment keeps you a step ahead. We anticipate your needs and are able to deliver our instrumentation solutions to your exact requirements, from water intake and treatment, collecting and testing water samples for chemical and bacterial content, to maintaining plant logs and reports through to servicing flow instruments and pressure instruments installed into the pipes, pumps, and reservoirs of wastewater treatment systems.

Our team is mobile and equipped to provide instrumentation services throughout the North Island. We work with a number of instrumentation manufacturers within NZ and abroad, to install modern instrumentation technology for councils and wastewater departments. With built-in application functionalities and features to control water flow, pressure and level efficiently to provide safe water where required, while saving energy to help you meet your exact requirements.

Our instrumentation leadership team provide project management solutions designed to solve the challenges of facilities and equipment for water. We CAN make a difference on how effectively, sustainably and efficiently you run your processes.

Our Electrical Instrumentation services are including but not limited to;

• Maintenance repair, installation of electrical instrumentation devices

• Water testing

• Servicing flow and pressure instruments

• Technology upgrades and project management

PPM is SHE Pre-qualified; maintenance and operational activities are undertaken by our highly skilled and reputable team, in accordance with our environmental policies and health and safety procedure systems.

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